Rural Community Support Program

It was decided to install water wells operated by Jiapo Hand Pumps in selected communities of Kohistan. A survey with help of persons knowledgeable of the local conditions was conducted to identify suitable communities and well sites. The study identified Goth Fazal Palari, Goth Ali Muhammad Dudhar, Goth Ghazi Khaskheli, Goth Nim Sabro, Goth Imamuddin Barejo, Goth Sajjan Palari, and Goth Muhammad Hashim Khoso. Alhamdulillah, all the wells installed in these communities are operational and yielding potable water. It is noteworthy that installation cost of a well is around Rs. 60,000 and that all the seven wells were supported by ahle-khair [donors]

The program has also supported construction of a Masjid over a footprint of 600 sft. in Goth Khaskheli at the cost Rs. 38,000 which was also donated by a ahle-khair.

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