Isra General Medical Camps

Since 2001 twelve free medical / surgical camps have been conducted in the following towns of Sindh. Nasarpur, Hala, Sehwan, Matiari, Matli, Tando Allahyar (two times), Tando Jam, Thano Bola Khan, Kotri, IUWH (two times), and IUWH City Branch.

 In year 2001 a total of 9,870 patients were treated in OPD while 202 of them were admitted to IUWH for surgical procedure or medical treatment. In year 2002 these numbers were 8,454 and 517 respectively.

Isra University Welfare Hospital (IUWH) owns a two-unit Mobile Hospital that is equipped with X-ray, ultra sound and clinical testing facility. This mobile unit enables these services to be provided on the camp sites. IUWH medical staff and consultants in the fields of medicine, surgery, gynecology & Obstetrics, pediatrics, Ophthalmology and E.N.T attend to the out patients In these camps.

Service Provided:
Services covered are: free consultation, investigation and medication. All are provided free of cost.

Inpatient Service
Services covered are: Medicines, Meals, investigation & surgery. All are provided free of cost.

Employment & Budget
Each camp employs a staff of about 100 on daily basis. All the expenses of the camp activity-mobilization, medication cost, wages etc. amounting to more than PRs. 200,000 is borne by IIF.