In 1985 a group of professionals, working abroad and in Pakistan, conceived the plan of setting up an institution to serve the under privileged people of Sindh, in particular, and Pakistan as well as the developing world in general, in the fields of education, healthcare and social welfare. The implementation of their dreams was realized in the formation of Isra Islamic Foundation (Guarantee) Limited and launching of two projects, Education-Health complex in Hyderabad and Blindness Prevention Program in the developing world. The former project has culminated in Isra University Campus and the latter has spread to 35 countries in Asia and Africa. Some of the momentous events are:

1986: Shaikh Subayel, Imam of Masjid Al-Haram, Makkah Al-Mukarrumah, laid the foundation stone of the Markaz Islami Sindh on June 20, 1986. This later on was registered as Isra Islamic Foundation.

1989: Phase 1 of the construction project started at the Campus site on June 26, 1989.

1989: The Blindness Control Program in the Islamic World was launched by conducting first Free Eye Camp at the Isra campus in November 1989.

1990: The Organization was registered in the name of Isra Islamic Foundation (Guarantee) Limited under Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984), Government of Pakistan (Registration No: K-02287) on August 28, 1990.

1990: A thirty two bed Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital was launched in Memon Goth, Karachi in September 1990.

1991: The first international activity of the Blindness Prevention Program was launched in Zanzibar, Tanzania and Niger in August 1991.

1992: Burmese refugee camp for orphans and widows was established in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.

1993: Al-Maghraby Eye Hospital was launched, one in Khartoum, Sudan and the other in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

1994: The Government of Sindh donated the Rural Health Center in Old Thana Village to the Foundation; Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital shifted to this rural health center in March 1994.

1995: Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital, Kunri, District, Thar started functioning.

1996: Notification on the Isra University Ordinance, made by the Governor of Sindh, for the establishment of Isra University in Private sector at Hyderabad was issued on December 10, 1996.

1997: The Sindh Assembly unanimously passed the Isra University Bill (PAS/Legis-B- 11/97) for the establishment of Isra University on May 24, 1997.

1997: The Bill was assented to by the Governor of Sindh on September 03, 1997 and notified in the Sindh Government Gazette (Extra-Oridinary) as the Isra University Act, 1997 (Sindh Act No: V of 1997) on October 27, 1997.

1997: The first batch of the students of the Faculty of Medicine and Allied Medical Sciences attended the first class meeting in October 1997.

1998: Isra Schools (City Model) was launched in January 1998.

1998: The first batch of the students of the Faculty of Computer and Management Sciences was inducted in June 1998.

1998: A Patient Welfare Fund, an independent setup was established to subsidize treatment charges of the deserving patients.

1999: Isra Quran Academy was established with four “Quran-Fahmi” Centers.

1999: Al-Ibrahim Eye Hospital, Kharan in Baluchistan, started functioning.

2000: Isra School (Village Model), Quran Fahmi Centers Pilot Projects were launched in October 2000.

2000: Isra University Welfare Hospital to provide quality healthcare at nominal cost to the needy was started in November 2000.

2001: The First General Medical and Surgical Camp, at Nasarpur was conducted in February 2001.

2001: The inauguration ceremony of the Surgical Wing of Isra University Welfare Hospital was held in February 2001.

2002: Isra Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology was launched.

2002: Isra School of Paramedics was started with induction of 26 students as the first batch in August 2002.

2002: Isra School of Nursing was started in August 2002.

2002: Provisional Recognition for MBBS program granted by PM&DC.

2002: CPSP granted recognition for Postgraduate Clinical Training at I.U.H.

2003: Construction of Abdul Aziz Al-Rushood Masjid & Musafir Khana were completed.

2004: Isra School of Nursing started functioning.

2006: Isra School Mirpurkhas in Sindh was established.

2008: Isra Dental College was established. Isra College of Rehabilitation started functioning.

2009: School of Engineering & Applied Sciences started functioning in Islamabad. Isra School Kandyaro in Sindh was established.

2010: Pakistan Medical College & Hospital in Karachi was established.