Isra General Medical Camps

Isra Quran Academy (IQA) has actively pursued activities of:

  1. Isra Quran Fahmi Program
  2. Isra Ta’leemul Quran Program
  3. Support of Madaress & Masajid Program
  4. Rural Community Support Program

Isra Quran Academy Consists of following:

  • Isra Schools of “Fahm ul Quran” (41 Schools)
  • Isra Schools of “Nazira and Hifz Quran” (44 Schools)
  • Isra Taleem-ul-Quran Program
  • Translation, Publication and Distribution of Glorious Quran and Hadith Pak

Present Statistics

Present Students Graduates: 7771
Aalim 1245
Hafiz 2173
Nazira 7241
Employees: 222

Isra Quran Fahmi Program

The Quran Fahmi program aims at teaching Quranic Arabic to students of grade VII and above, of all ages, so that they understand Quran without recourse to any translation. This program was launched in four centers: Mattiari, Hala, Bhiria and Kandiaro. The course work is spread over three years with each year having three terms. The course work comprised instruction from:

Arabi Ziban Ka Assan Qaeda
This priming text presents rules of Arabic grammar in simple fashion by direct method.

Miftahul Quran
Only the first three of the five-volume text are included in the course. These volumes cover grammatical aspects of language and furnish explanation of the difficult words of Quran.

Ta’leemul Islam
The purpose here is to revive understanding of faqhi aspects of religion in an organized fashion.

Zaddut Talebeen
This text in Arabic language covers about 100 ahadith. The students begin Fahmul Quran with stress on grammar in the two terms and Surah Baqarah in the third term of the first year.