Isra Islamic Foundation


Selfless effort to bring change in the society by promoting physical, mental moral and environmental well being of an individual without any discrimination of age, sex, race, region or religion.


Provide social welfare services especially quality health and education at affordable price for deprived or under privileged sectors of society through development of human resources and establishment of viable and self sustaining facilities.


The activities and attainments of Isra Islamic Foundation have been recognized and appreciated by a number of national and international organizations and people holding high government positions. Several heads of states and ambassadors have visited the International Eye Camps and Hospitals. These projects were well covered by media and won goodwill for Pakistan. Institute of the Overseas Pakistanis presented an Award of Service for initiating a massive program of blindness prevention in Pakistan and in developing Muslim countries. In the international arena, the Pan-Arab Council of Ophthalmology and Saudi Ophthalmic Society have recognized the services rendered by Isra Blindness Prevention Program.